• Are YOU a Haute Butch?

      Fashion for Butches? Why yes please! Over the last year our community has seen an explosion of designers coming out with fashion lines for masculine of center person. Men's style uniquely designed for female bodies. Finally! No more ill fitting clothing bought in the men's section of Sak's and having to figure out how to "make it work." Now Butch designers are designing especially for you! Check one of the most promising designers in this genre.

      HAUTEBUTCH Fashion Collection is a vibrant outward expression of dressing that represents the core of a butch woman's gender presentation.

      The Lifestyle brand, HAUTEBUTCH, defines the butch aesthetic. Debuting a preview of their first collection, Butch by Design, highlights fitted menswear inspired fashion and footwear. Self identified butch designer and entrepreneur, K. Michelle, endeavors to accentuate and empower the entire spectrum of butches, studs, and tomboi style seekers, in their myriad of identities, expressions and presentations with their very own collection of stylish and visible fashions.

      For fierce butch female fashions, HAUTEBUTCH offers a wide range of affordable yet quality clothing. From unique blazers, color contrasting dress shirts, sleek and highly tailored vests, preppy pastel polos- butch style seekers can consider this label a “go to destination for all things butch.”

      It is long overdue! Finally, A clothing line made by a butch woman for butch women. At the helm is Karen Roberts, Co-Founder, Designer and Director of the company.

      Karen is a 49 year old African-American Butch Woman that celebrates the fact that butch women feel most empowered when they are in clothes and shoes that they connect with…that externally expresses their visibility.

      Many butch women relate closely to menswear and are often frustrated by the lack of fitted, stylish clothing and the limited choices that that promote a feeling of confidence and power.

      HAUTEBUTCH provides cutting-edge androgynous looks and sizzling style that empower women that prefer a fitted, menswear inspired look. Our fashion collection presents tough on the outside yet tender to the heart of the butch identity.

      Butch-Femme.com asked Haute Butch designer, Karen Roberts "Who is the HAUTEBUTCH Client?"

      The woman I design for loves who she is, she's proud and strong but maybe her oversized, drab colored, menswear doesn't show it. Or maybe she loves clothes, but she wants to live more consciously.

      Maybe she's always complaining about not having anything to wear even though she has a closet full of stuff, or maybe she's feeling her sense of confidence is drowning in the only fashion that she can ALMOST relate to.

      HAUTEBUTCH was designed to bridge the gap for these women, between their selves, styles, lifestyles, and values. To be honest, the concept of HAUTEBUTCH was created with me in mind. I am that woman. And I know she might be you too or someone that you know.

      We are proud, capable women that are in need of our very own unique fashion expression.

      We endeavor to be the fashion for lifestyle center where butch identified Women can find the type of clothing that are specifically designed to be self expressive and work for their individual lifestyles.

      Now that is one HAUTE Butch! Check out their website for information about their Fall Collection and their 2013 Haute Butch Calendar!